What does passion have to do with ice cream? By Katie Ford

We'll come back to that in a minute, aside from the beautiful ice-cream eating weather we’ve had (if only people would stop walking their pets in it… that’s another story). I see lots of people worried that they don't know what they're passionate about. Meaning and mission are hot topics at the moment, but often I see people concerned that they don’t know what they like or get excited about. Then comes, "Am I a fraud?", "Do I even deserve to be here?"...

(And, I'm not talking about when we burnout and lose passion for work. This is different. World Health Organization defined burnout specifically as ‘energy depletion, or exhaustion, increased mental distance from job, negativism or cynicism and reduced professional efficacy’. Check out this NHS Resource, and reach out to relevant professionals if you're feeling this way; it's not a personal fault.) I see so many amazing people put so much pressure on themselves. "I should have it all sorted by now"

"Why don't I have a plan?"

"Everyone else has it all figured out!"

Let's release a little bit of that.

Remember, we don't have to believe everything that we think. I'm sorry the world has taught us that we should have our lives mapped out from day dot. And the irony is that most of these people have done some pretty cool things already. (Whilst always remembering, we are human beings, not human doings!) So, what does ice cream have to do with finding our passion? Finding our passion is a bit like finding our favourite ice cream.

Sometimes we just have to try, and taste, and test.

It might be that we try a new flavour and realise it's definitely not for us; yet it might take us one step closer to the thing that is. We don't have to eat a whole bowl at once, we could just try a bit. As we progress we get pretty smart and learn from the old ones that we've tried. Maybe we realise that we don't like pistachio, or that citrus flavour is not for us. Perhaps we really love anything chocolate, and that influences what we try.

We might even realise our favourite is a mixture of two different flavours, and we like variety.

Just because strawberry was our top pick for years, doesn't mean we can't still keep checking and exploring as our taste changes.

Trying something new doesn't mean you've committed to it forever and that you can't go back if you realise that you loved the previous one more.

One day you might come across something that you love, and will always come back to. That might be when you're 21, or when you're 96.

I hope this helps if you've been feeling a bit stuck recently.

Dare to explore something new.

If this resonated, what one action could you take for YOU?

Have a fantastic week ahead!