Do you need to give yourself a little more credit? By Katie Ford

Here's a simple reminder to give yourself a little bit more credit, you amazing human you. Even leaving your job title at the door, there will be so many moments that have passed by, that have evaded conscious acknowledgement.

I like to say: “Our focus is like fertiliser, what we put it on grows.”

I learned this lesson a long while back, and it still pops back every few weeks.

It's easy to get drawn into the stories of our imperfections or the things that didn't go to plan. We have the fallacy of 'perfect' thrust upon us so often that any deviation from this can feel like it chips away at our value. As human beings we have an inherent negativity bias, and often we listen to and believe that negative voice that pops up to tell us we aren’t doing a good job. That voice that we think is us. We all have one, and we didn’t choose it.

When we see one fault, that critical voice finds another ten. We go from "I don't have enough", to "I'm not achieving enough" back to the core of "I'm not enough". We spot and notice the client that behaved strangely and assume it was our fault, we have the curveball of a case that we think is our downfall, and before we know it, we think we are terrible at what we do. That creates a filter, without us even realising, where our conscious attention is subconsciously drawn away from the good.

We miss all the amazing things we did do, because we've often become so unconsciously

competent at them, or because we believe the narrative telling us why it wasn't deserved. Let's stick to the facts and how we'd speak to friends, because you are worthy too. In fact, you are more than worthy; there’s 7billion people on this planet, and only one you.

So here's a couple of prompts to consider thinking about:

● What are you proud of yourself for this week?

This doesn’t have to be big. We have been so conditioned by the world that celebrations are

just for birthdays and holidays, but how much better would life feel if we celebrated every

day? Give yourself credit and soak up the little things.

● What could you do this week that years ago you only dreamt of being able to do?

● Where would you like to learn to give yourself more credit?

Why am I sharing this? Because I did this this week too. Lots of cool events and projects but I could feel myself slipping into, "get this done and then you'll feel accomplished and worthy". I remember it well in practice too - “just get to the end of this week”. Life is too short to put on hold.

So I called a stop and acknowledged myself. Not just for the fact that I'm always enough (as are you), but because I nearly missed so many amazing moments along the way.

Acknowledge yourself, even if it feels different and new.