Do you ever feel like you aren't progressing? By Katie Ford

You successfully completed a university vet degree, spent some time in practice, and now you feel like you've hit a wall. You're banding around terms like "stagnated", "frustrated", "bored", "short of money". You feel like everyone else is moving ahead at a rate of knots, and you just aren't. You look at certificates, and extra qualifications, new jobs. You just don't know what to do.⁣⠀

Here are my five top tips for those currently feeling in that position:

1) Let’s ditch comparing. You see your life 24/7, and you're comparing it to the highlights reel of someone else on social media. Your classmate might be able to complete a TPLO in 30minutes, but you might be brilliant at clinical pathology. If we were all the same, life would be dull.⁣ Let’s take a little pressure off conforming to the world’s view of what we should do and tune into what’s really important to us.

2) Think about your goals. Write them down. Dare to have one, and use your imagination. A

ship can't sail if it doesn't have a direction. We don’t have to think too much about how just yet. Having a direction will help you make decisions. Think about your passions, what you enjoy. ⁣A good starting place can be the prompt of: “What would I do if I had no fear and nothing was holding me back?”. Also head back and see the post that I wrote on core values a few months back.

3) Take imperfect action. You can sit and wait all day for the perfect opportunity to arise. Explore your options. Reach out to people, ask for their input. You can watch videos and look for motivation all day, but sometimes you have to jump in and create a little yourself. Motivation follows action. Sometimes breaking down actions into small, digestible chunks can be helpful - for example, spending five minutes researching or reaching out to someone on LinkedIn.

4) Give yourself some credit for how far you've come already. Celebrate the wins; small and big. Every night I write down five ‘wins’ for the day, try doing the same. These don’t have to be

lifechanging career moves, but it often helps us to realise that we’re good at more things than

we realise.⁣⠀

5) Consider the concept of being "blissfully dissatisfied". Happiness doesn’t have to be on a

delayed payment scheme. You can be keen to progress and happy with where you are; the two things are not mutually exclusive. Look for your small day to day joys now.